WordPress Essentials

A lightweight, multi-purpose plugin to extend WordPress’ functionality

Essentials is an open-source plugin I developed for WordPress that’s designed to expand WP’s content management features without compromising usability.

Eventually I would like to develop this plugin to the point where many simple, advertisement-laiden plugins become obsolete.

My philosophy is to create a plugin that is:

  • Lightweight without any unnecessary fluff, dashboards, or adware
  • Completely free and open-source
  • Designed to make managing WP content easier
  • Compatible with multi-site WP installations
No more of this


Download the latest version of Essentials directly from GitHub!


After downloading the zip, upload it to your plugins and enjoy the assorted shortcodes.

Shortcode Documentation


  • Current Year
  • iFrame
  • Go-Back Link
  • Embed Libsyn Podcast
  • Embed YouTube playlist

Current Year – [year]

If you have a copyright clause anywhere in your website, you can add

Copyright © [year] My Organization

The current year is 2020.

iFrame – [iframe src *width *height]

Enables iframe embeds anywhere within WordPress content.

[iframe src="https://marcelocubillos.com"]

Without specifying a width or height, the iframe defaults to a width and height of 400px. Otherwise you can specify width and height.

[iframe src="https://marcelocubillos.com" width="1000px" height="500px"]

Go-Back Link - [back text]

Creates an anchor that when clicked, has the same effect as a user clicking the back button in their web browser. This is useful if you have a 404 page and want to encourage your visitor to go back a page.

[back text="Perhaps try going back?"]
Perhaps try going back?

Embed Libsyn Podcast - [libsyn id entries]

Create a grid of episodes from a Libsyn podcast. Entries specifies the max amount of episodes you want to load.

[libsyn id="313challenge" entries="1"]

Pro tip for y'all gamers out there, if you set the entries to a negative number, there won't be any limit on the number of episodes pulled (do at your own risk).

[libsyn id="joeroganexp" entries="-1"]

Do at your own risk to performance - this shortcode is written in JavaScript as to not use extra server performance, but it could slow down your visitors' PCs if too many episodes are loaded.

Embed YouTube playlist - [youtube-playlist id entries *cols]

Create a grid of videos from a YouTube playlist

[youtube-playlist id="PLGLwvWoVEFCYfRyn7egNJ6DpV5Ix8-_yv" entries="6" cols="3"]

Max specifies the max number of videos to display, and cols specifies the number of columns to display. If nothing is specified for cols then the table will default to 3 columns.