Hey, I’m Marcelo! Welcome to my website. I spend most of my time programming and working with technology.

I call this website my “clubhouse” because it contains an assortment of fun stuff that people interested in computers or guitars might enjoy.

If you fall into one of those categories: congratulations! If not, that’s cool too – I hope you can stick around and maybe discover something you like.

Current Endeavors

  • MarceloBOT – A machine learning version of myself that’s plotting to kill me trying his best to emulate how I speak, he’s not very smart but that’s probably not a coincidence
  • Treasure Audit – A simple desktop web spider with HTML and text search capabilities
  • WordPress Shortcodes – Additional syntax for WordPress sites, designed with the intention to minimize plugin usage

Past Endeavors

  • h+ (2017-2019) – Lead Developer of a 16-bit, 90’s-inspired RPG
  • 45C Robotics (2017-2019) – Lead Manufacturer, designed/machined an underwater robot frame for two years in a row, won first place regionally both years in SoCal
  • Kenmyo (2018) – A startup I co-founded where we manufactured a device capable of helping people find lost items in their household, using a combination of machine learning and image recognition (we reached $5,360 out of or $10k goal)
  • STEM Video Game Challenge (2014) – Finalist

45C Robotics setting up our robot to compete - with Marcelo Cubillos, Isaac Addis, Brad Biscocho, Jiajer Ho, Etisone Escamilla, and Celia Yu
45C Robotics – MATE ROV International Competition 2018 at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center, Seattle, Washington