This post marks the third major update post within this series, and I’m really excited for what we’ve done so far. We’ve accomplished a lot within a few weeks such as:

  • Collision Code
  • Dialogue Code
  • Music/Sound Effects
  • Wayde’s Character Art
  • Nicholas’/Johnny Sausage Sprite
  • The Story

There’s an exponential curve to the development / playability of our game. As soon as we get a majority of the core assets done, along with the game engine, the game itself will develop a lot faster. If we keep this pace we’ll be able to make a good chunk of our game in no time – let’s jump right into specifics.

Collision Code

After about a day of programming, I managed to create an algorithm that automatically creates a bounding box around “solid” sprites, that players can’t pass through.

Interestingly enough, because we’re making a 2D perspective game, I had to adjust the bounding box of the solid sprites according to the perspective. So instead of creating a bounding box around the entire tree, I created the bounding box along the stump.

There are several mechanics in a 2D game that are fundamentally required to make the experience coherent. Collision is one of them – specifically, momentum cancellation when a solid object is touched. By using this mechanic, games feel more realistic, and they just feel good to play.

Wayde’s Art is Finished

Wayde, the third playable character in h+

Mariel finished drawing Giovanni’s character, Wayde. Wayde is one of the protagonists who helps the team fight cyborgs, using a water gun from the 99 Cent Store. Most of his artillery is from the 99 Cent Store in fact – from water balloons to water guns to just a bucket full of water… His water attacks are literally weak against everything except for cyborgs/robots.

In terms of the story, Wayde serves as somewhat of a comic relief among the team, although his ridiculous ideas somehow work in the most tense situations…

Music Department

So I’ve been working on creating music for my next EP, and in the process I’ve created a few songs to be used in the game. I think the direction that the music is going in is psuedo-8-bit, with actual instruments (guitar, saxophone, etc.) being used here and there.

I’ve also been working on a few sound effects based off of the special moves spreadsheet, and overall I’m satisfied with how they’ve turned out. I don’t really like the Doppler sound effect though, it’s little too creepy for my taste.

Dialogue Code

In addition to the collision code, I finished creating the dialogue code for NPC interactions. I still need to adjust a few parameters, perhaps add an option to have the dialogue show on the bottom of the screen, but that should be fairly simple.

It was a little tricky getting the function to work, and it took me about a week. Pygame doesn’t support multi-line text rendering, so a creative solution was used…

Sprite Department

Shamash has been working on creating the sprites, and he’s been working specifically on creating Nicholas’ sprite, as well as the building for Johnny Sausage, the Bank, 2 Strings, Fashion Trend, Car Place, and the Gas Station.

In terms of the map of Magnet Town, we’re focusing on the upper left-hand portion for now, and then we’ll expand later…

Our Story Reached 68 Pages

Giovanni’s been working on the story, and has enlisted a few of our friends to review his writing as it progresses. Yesterday the story was 62 pages long, so I’m kind of surprised at the rate at which the story is being written.

That being said it’s not just quantity over quality, I really enjoy the direction that the story is going in – here’s an excerpt from one of the scenes:

Dr. Gold: “Hello down there! I believe you all have found the Staub High Secret Funhouse of Enjoyment and Bliss! Well, it’s just a secret basement, but why not pretend?”

Nicholas: “Dr. Gold, the information?”

Dr. Gold: “Oh yes, how could I forget? Mr. Rivera said it was in his locker, so look for one in there. Shouldn’t be too hard, the place isn’t too big.”

*He hangs up*

Cobalt: “His voice, it’s too…flamboyant. The words from his mouth are like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard, piercing my heart.”

*They split up and look around the large room around them. The player has free access to roam and investigate around them, nothing notable until they find the only locker in the room*

Leonardo: “Is this what we we’re looking for?”

Serene: “Looks like it. But is has a password!”

*Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that a word lock is preventing the opening of the locker*

Cobalt: “Step aside. I will crush it just as others have crushed my hopes and dreams!”

*He readies a fist*

Serene: “Wait, what if you damage the information? We don’t know is its fragile or not.”

Leonardo: “Good thinking. We should try to solve this puzzle instead.”

Nicholas: “Wait, I spy a shred of paper.”

*He picks it up*

“It reads: ‘What comes down but never goes up?’. Any ideas?”

Leonardo: “Well, how about rain? That works!”

Serene: “That’s only four letters, the lock is six letters long.”

Cobalt: “My happiness?”

Serene: “That’s more than six.”

Wayde: “Grades.”

*Serene stops, then attempts the word. the lock clicks*

Serene: “Well that was anticlimactic.”

*Inside, a lonely backpack sits. Leonardo picks it up*

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