It’s been a long time since I’ve made a major update post regarding our video game – 5 months in fact.

That being said, we’ve been leisurely making progress, and we’re going to pick up the pace very soon. We’re planning on completing a good portion of our video game so we can present it at the AMETLL School Maker Faire in May – more updates will follow.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Concept Art


The drawing to the left is of our character, Leonardo. He’s loosely designed after me, complete with the bow tie and music-composition notebook.

Mariel finished Leonardo a couple months ago, and she’s been working the design of Giovanni’s character, Wayde. Wayde’s personality is goofy, which was supposed to be reflected in his appearance, but he looks a lot cooler than we had imagined. His water gun is especially neat, and it hasn’t even been colored in yet.

After Wayde, Mariel will start drawing Shamash’s character, Nicholas.

Character Establishment/Plot Development

Giovanni’s been working on the story for our game, and the general plot is finished; right now we’re deciding on non-playable characters, as well as creating the actual missions that will take place.

He also finished all of the character biographies. Here are Nicholas’ and Wayde’s (I especially enjoy Waydes):

Leonardo – A student at Staub High, Leonardo is anti-social, and prefers to be alone, save for his friend Serene. He tends to always wear his headphones, and enjoys listening to and composing music. Although reserved, he still cares for his friends, but not as much for himself, and does his best to lead the group. His best friends are Wayde and Serene, with Serene being one of the few people he talks to in high school, and Wayde being a childhood friend. His main role is the leader of the group, and does a bang-up job, even if he doesn’t think so.

Wayde – Wayde is Leonardo’s best friend, veteran prankster, and absurd idea extraordinaire. Although not the most mature or wise, he hides a sharp mind in that dome of his. Leonardo met Wayde in grade school, because Wayde needed help turning on a computer, and Leonardo helped him. From there, their bond grew from an owner and a newborn puppy to two close friends.

More Sprites!

Shamash has been hard at work creating sprites, and he’s gone through a couple revisions of each character to make sure that they look just right. He’s also been working on non-player sprites, such as health hearts and interface graphics.

One of Shamash’s concepts for displaying health

I’ll probably include more of his sprites in another update, because most of them are still in progress.


I haven’t programmed very much since Christmas because I’ve been busy doing mundane tasks like creating spreadsheets for our move sets and items. Most of the information about our game is contained in a “master document”, which I’m trying to phase out in favor of using multiple, more organized documents.

Okay I lied, making spreadsheets is actually kind of fun.

Ajay’s on the Team!

Lastly, we’ve been looking for more people who are interested in developing our video game. The 4 of us realized that our plans for this game are probably too much for us to complete on our own – or at least too much to complete on schedule.

I contacted my buddy Ajay who makes sprite art, and he’s going to be designing the levels for our game. I can’t wait to see what he and Shamash come up with.

Earthbound-inspired sprite art of myself that Ajay made a while back

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