Gio, Shamash, Mariel, and I have been working a lot on our video game. I honestly should have made multiple posts regarding our progress, but I didn’t. So instead, here’s a list of what we’ve done so far:

1. Our first character drawing is finished!

– and her name is Serene. Mariel put a lot of time into designing her, and the outcome is nothing short of awesome. It might just be one of the best drawings she’s made to date.

2. Our first player sprites are finished!

Shamash took Mariel’s design and created a 16-bit sprite based off of it. He also created some dialogue sprites which look pretty sweet as well. I personally like the first one the best, but we decided on using the middle sprite for the time being.

3. We have a story!

Gio has been working on a story for our game, and he gave us a brief synopsis of it:

The story is still located in a normal town with a magnet-school, which does specialize in technology development. However, the owner of a large business, Mr. X, believes that the world is imperfect, that humans are flawed, without order. To resolve this, he realizes that machines can be perfect, that computers will not lie, cheat, or otherwise harm one another. So, he hires a team of engineers, programmers, chemists, biologists to design a program to be installed into multiple different electrical appliances, most commonly phones and computers. The program has the ability to transform the appliance itself (similar to transformers 4, transformium) and that can manipulate the bodies and minds of any living being, specifically humans. With this, in his mind at least, he can “fix” humankind, fix those he sees unfit, and create a world where everyone is perfect, without flaw. Convenient for the plot, one of the scientists has taken some important pieces of info regarding the machines, and hid it away at Staub high, in their old locker. Unfortunately, Mr. X sees this as a threat to humanity, and begins to unleash the prototype program onto the public, where the protagonists will have to fight their way against these cyborg-android-human-machine things.

He also wrote a description of Serene (as well as a few other characters):

Another student at the school, and Leonardo’s only friend, Serene is more social than Leo, and always looks on the bright side. She is an avid artist, but also has a slight interest in mechanics, though has bitter memories involving the subject. She befriended Leonardo because she thought he looked lonely, and wanted to cheer him up. Eventually, they became good friends. She lost her right arm during an incident, when she was only 8. Her father was an engineer, the very same who stole the vital info from Mr. X, and during a tour of his job, she got her arm in the way of a faulty saw blade, and has used prosthetic arms ever since. She is the glue of the group, keeping them optimistic and generally working together.

4. We established a game engine!

Initially, I was planning on using Gamemaker Studio to “program” the game, as I’ve used it before and it’s very easy to manipulate. However, I found out that it requires a license to export the game, so I decided to switch development over to Pygame.

It’s a lot trickier programming in Python—especially because it’s all text-based—but I think it will be more beneficial for the game, and I’ll learn a lot more by programming it from scratch.

The video above demonstrates the game running from Gamemaker and Pygame at the same time.

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