h+ at the Student Maker Faire! (photo courtesy of Sharron)

Our video game project had a booth at the Student Maker Faire at Hawthorn High School, and we shared with the attendees our video game itself, along with the story, sprite, art, and programming development that took place.

We all agreed that the experience was a lot of fun, and we actually got a lot of insightful advice from industry experts, as well as feedback from kids who played our game. I’d like to give a special thank you to Megan Ruane who went out of her way to reserve for us a projector, and who also was extremely helpful in coordinating our exhibit as a whole.

Projecting the Game in the Room

Hawthorn High’s classrooms are very nice, I have to admit. Their projector was of the short-throw variety, and it produced a crispy image, perfect for our video game.

Stolen from Ajay’s Instagram Story

Giving Out Pins to Unsuspecting Attendees

We also got pins of Serene’s dialogue sprite to hand out to people at our booth. In order to bolster traffic to our room, Shamash and I decided to hand out pins outside.

Shamash and I definitely turned some heads during our expedition.

Originally, Gio walked around handing out pins and carrying our poster, with little-to-no turnout. I think it was Ajay who joked that we should walk around controlling each other with the extra gamepads we brought, with Shamash and I bringing that idea into fruition.

Room Functionality!

By far the biggest update to our game is the addition of room functionality. With room functionality, the player can enter buildings from the overworld, and vice-versa. Before we were able to go to multiple rooms and such, the game only existed in one room: the overworld.

That being said I’m probably going to change the fundamental way that the room code functions, as I’m not satisfied with the performance of it; I may have rushed the code in order to meet the deadline.

The very first iteration of the room code – before dynamic player locations were implemented

New Sprites!

In preparation for Maker Faire, Shamash created the interiors and exteriors for 2 Strings, as well as the Ginko Bank. It was a lot of fun watching him create 2 Strings – there’s just something about it that seems undeniably cool.

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