Yob – Big Bag | Remix

So Image-Line (the company who created FL Studio) announced a remix competition in the beginning of February, and I entered the contest with a Future Bass remix of Yob’s track “Big Bag”. I didn’t win, but I’m still proud of the song I made – I’ll probably end up removing all the elements of the Yob’s song and turning it into its own track.

Congratulations to V-Grey and SyndraSound for winning the remix competition – in particular I really liked SyndraSound’s Bossa Nova remix.

Here’s my remix.

Sam Ock – Play | Launchpad Cover

Auditions for talent show happened during December, but I unfortunately didn’t get in with my original act. ASB was nice about it though and gave me a second chance, so I’m working on a new performance and I’m going to send them a video once it’s done.

Here’s a snippet of my solo from the original song, Play by Sam Ock.

Never Gonna Give You Up | Remix

I remixed Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up a while back, and EDM Bot contacted me and asked if he could feature it on his channel.

I personally never thought it was that good, so I’m really stoked that someone thought otherwise! Thanks EDM Bot