Seattle Internationals 2018!

Last weekend, 45C Robotics went to the MATE ROV International competition in Seattle, representing California.

It was a ton of fun, and it was a great team-building experience as well.

Thank you so much to the CAMS Foundation for sponsoring our trip. Without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible for all of us to go.

Student Maker Faire/Video Game Update #4

Our video game project had a booth at the Student Maker Faire at Hawthorn High School, and we shared with the attendees our video game itself, along with the story, sprite, art, and programming development that took place.

We all agreed that the experience was a lot of fun, and we actually got a lot of insightful advice from industry experts, as well as feedback from kids who played our game. I’d like to give a special thank you to Megan Ruane who went out of her way to reserve for us a projector, and who also was extremely helpful in coordinating our exhibit as a whole.

Level Editor Preparation

One of the things I’m working on right now for our video game is a level editor. Once we have a functional level editor, then our team will be able to create the game without any assistance from myself. As it is now, I need to program everything by hand – sprites, event handlers, object masks, etc.

Johnny Sausage + Collision Code = Awesome

Shamash and I had the opportunity to work on the game this morning, and we made a good amount of progress. For starters, two of the building sprites are done and polished, and the collision code is finished being callibrated for multiple objects.

It was really interesting working side by side, and it was more productive because we were able to give each other feedback during development.

Video Game Update #3

This post marks the third major update post within this series, and I’m really excited for what we’ve done so far. We’ve accomplished a lot within a few weeks such as:

Collision Code
Dialogue Code
Music/Sound Effects
Wayde’s Character Art
Nicholas’/Johnny Sausage Sprite
The Story

There’s an exponential curve to the development / playability of our game. As soon as we get a majority of the core assets done, along with the game engine, the game itself will develop a lot faster. If we keep this pace we’ll be able to make a good chunk of our game in no time – let’s jump right into specifics.

Part Drafts

Today I created all of the part drafts for our ROV. It was actually really fun creating drafts, and it reminded me of my freshman year of high school when I took an introductory engineering class.

Custom ROV Frame

Just the other day, Joseph and I were discussing the idea of creating a custom frame for the ROV (as opposed to using a PVC frame). We ended our discussion by concluding that a custom HDPE frame would be too expensive to manufacture, as we would have to find a 3rd party to CNC machine it.

Then literally the day after, we met with a gentleman from an engineering firm who agreed to sponsor 45C Robotics on behalf of his company.

Yob – Big Bag | Remix

So Image-Line (the company who created FL Studio) announced a remix competition in the beginning of February, and I entered the contest with a Future Bass remix of Yob’s track “Big Bag”. I didn’t win, but I’m still proud of the song I made – I’ll probably end up removing all the elements of the Yob’s song and turning it into its own track.

Congratulations to V-Grey and SyndraSound for winning the remix competition – in particular I really liked SyndraSound’s Bossa Nova remix.

Here’s my remix.

Trying Out Debian

I was getting tired of Mac OS X, so I partitioned my boot drive and installed Debian alongside Mac. All day I’ve been configuring it to my needs, and I’m very very happy with the way it turned out. I’m so thankful that I can do everything I need to on Linux instead of Windows or Mac.