Carlos wanted to try Linux but it didn’t work out

Hey I’m Marcelo! Welcome to my site.

I’m an undergraduate in computer science. I made this site to document and share some software I made, as well as some things I’ve learned from configuring operating systems.

What am I working on right now?

Right now I’m focused on getting my degree and working part time. Outside of those things, I’ve been finding time to enjoy music and go on walks. When I have a lot of free time, I’ve been working on MarceloBOT, a neural network I’ve been training to be my friend.

Before quarantine I had a lot of fun repairing my friends computers while they would serve me exotic teas and cheese-its.

Past/Current Software Projects

Past Endeavors

  • h+ (2017-2019) — Lead Developer of a 16-bit, 90’s-inspired RPG
  • 45C Robotics (2017-2019) — Lead Manufacturer, designed/machined an underwater robot frame for two years in a row, won 1st place regionally both years in SoCal and placed top something in the international competitions
  • Kenmyo (2018) — A startup I co-founded with one of my friends where we designed and manufactured a device capable of helping people find lost items in their household, using a combination of machine learning and image recognition (we reached $5.3k out of or $10k goal on Kickstarter)
  • STEM Video Game Challenge (2014) — Finalist
The 2018 International ROV Competition @ Seattle, Washington