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Things I Learned About the Late 2011 Edu 21.5″ iMac

Oh yeah iMac time I ended up getting a discount on a Late 2011 iMac, and I took it apart ...
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What to do if Windows No Longer Accepts Your PIN on a Local Account

If you originally used a PIN to log into your Windows computer and you get a message saying that it's ...
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How to Install Guitar Rig (or any Native Instruments VST) on Linux

This is a super simple guide - the only reason I'm making it is because Native Access (the required application ...
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What Have I Been Listening to Lately?

I organize all of my playlists chronologically – this one in particular is being curated during quarantine. Most of the songs are selected from my Discover Weekly-generated playlists.

There really isn’t any pattern to this playlist – it’s just songs I like.

Lately I’ve been getting more into funk and jazz, I enjoyed Whiplash a lot and I like listening to the soundtrack.