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How to Fix Spotify Connection Errors on Arch Linux

Spotify running on Arch, with a VPN too If you've experienced connection issues with Spotify on Arch (likely if you ...
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How to Install RPM Packages on Arch Linux

WPS Office 2016 running on Arch, installed from an RPM package RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) is a package manager ...
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Things I Learned About the Late 2011 Edu 21.5″ iMac

Oh yeah iMac time I ended up getting a discount on a Late 2011 iMac, and I took it apart ...
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What to do if Windows No Longer Accepts Your PIN on a Local Account

If you originally used a PIN to log into your Windows computer and you get a message saying that it's ...
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How to Install Guitar Rig (or any Native Instruments VST) on Linux

This is a super simple guide - the only reason I'm making it is because Native Access (the required application ...
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What Have I Been Listening to?

I organize all of my playlists chronologically – this one in particular is being curated during quarantine. Most of the songs are selected from my Discover Weekly-generated playlists.

There really isn’t any pattern to this playlist – it’s just songs I like.

Lately I’ve been getting more into funk and jazz. I enjoyed Whiplash a lot and I like listening to the soundtrack.

Latest Walter Sighting

Walter is a squirrel that enjoys hanging out with me during my lunch break. There’s a big tree outside my window with some mystery fruit on it, and usually while I’m eating lunch Walter will join me right outside my window and we’ll just kind of sit there and watch each other while we enjoy our meals. He tried to jump into my room once and seemed to get startled when he hit the screen.. he’s a brave little guy. He disappeared for a little while after the Silverado fire in Irvine, but when the weather gets warmer we still visit.

He really enjoys the fruit that grows from the tree outside my window