I'm Marcelo. I'm a programmer/musician and I spend most of my free time working on personal projects for fun.


h+ is a 16-bit-inspired RPG developed by Retrofruit Games, a video game production team I started with my friends.

In h+, a group of students are tasked with saving their town from being overrun by cyborgs. Dr. Xavier, the man behind the madness, believes that humans are a flawed and doomed species, and seeks to perfect mankind by transforming each individual into a half-sentient, half-robotic cyborg.

Little does Xavier know, technology fails when you need it the most…

Art by Mariel Urbano
Sprites by Shamash Teran

h+ development blog


Ever lost something in your house and wished you had CTRL+F in real life? Kenmyo was a startup I co-founded that combines machine learning with a human-friendly interface that does just that. We didn't reach our Kickstarter goal during our first campaign, so we're currently developing a second-generation Kenmyo that combines the flexibility of the first iteration with a new interface, more compact chassis, and tighter security features.

Idea and software by Isaac Addis
Chassis design/renders by me

Our original Kickstarter campaign

45C Robotics

45C Robotics is a student-driven company that develops and markets remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) designed to perform underwater search and recovery, record environmental data, and install renewable energy sources.

45C competes anually in the MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) ROV competition. We placed 1st in the California regional competition in 2018 and 2019, and went on to compete internationally where we placed top 10 both years.

2019 frame design by Brad Biscocho
CAD by me

45C Robotics website

Other than that...

You can catch me at my blog troubleshooting computers or working on whatever else it may be.

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